Ryan Braun's Name Linked to Doping Scandal Lab

Braun says he has nothing to hide


by Paul Piaskoski
by Kevin Holden

MILWAUKEE-Ryan Braun's name has been linked to a clinic in Miami alleged to have given performance enhancing drugs to a number of major league baseball players.

Yahoo Sports is reporting that Braun's name appears three times in records obtained from The Biogenisis Clinic in Miami.

Braun issued a statement Tuesday evening saying; "During the course of preparing for my successful appeal last year, my attorneys who were previously familiar with Tony Bosch (who runs the clinic) used him as a consultant."

Braun goes on to say that he has nothing to hide and has never had any other relationship with Tony Bosch.

He said he would fully cooperate with any inquiry.

When it comes to the Biogenisis records, unlike other players, there's no specific substance listed next to Braun's name.

Braun's initials do appear below his name with a 20 to 30k figure immediately after, presumably money owed to the clinic for services rendered.

Braun tested positive for synthetic testosterone after his 2011 MVP season. He won his appeal after raising questions about his urine samples and chain of custody  and the integrity of the man who collected the sample.


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