Runners race through Miller Park for MACC fund


by Lane Kimble

MILWAUKEE -- A lot of people use the weekend to catch up on sleep.  But thousands set their alarms extra early Saturday morning to get to Miller Park and help fight childhood disease at the Brewers Mini-Marathon.

"When I came here this morning and it was jammed getting in I was shocked," racer Jered Steckbauer said.

Entry fees went to the MACC fund, which helps fight childhood cancer.  But Wauwatosa's Brittany Zubarik had a few additional  goals in mind.

 "I wanted to do it in under an hour," Zubarik said.  "Fifty-eight minutes, 33 seconds... so right under."

Six months ago, Zubarik was nearly 70 pounds heavier.  Her father's heart attack inspired her to get healthy.

"I couldn't really tell him to do it without me doing it, I needed to practice what I preach," Zubarik said.

Racers came from all over the state and Midwest.  A special group of "challenged athletes" from Wisconsin though, pushed in running strollers by their "Angels", stole the hearts of many.

"They're front and center, people are cheering them on, probably for the first time in their lives sometimes, many of them," My Team Triumph Wisconsin Exec. Director Christian Jensen said.  "It's a truly unique experience for them."

"Just seeing them do it too, it was really great, for a good cause," Zubarik said.

Racers out helping those who need it the most, while also helping themselves.

"There's something you get from doing a running event that builds your spirit, just gives you some energy, gives you some  motivation in life," Jensen said.  "And it goes beyond the race."


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