Rubio Says He's Working on Immigration With Romney


by Michele McCormack
by Laura Rodriguez

WAUKESHA---Florida Senator Marco Rubio visited with Romney supporters Thursday.

It was part of a push to encourage early voting. In person absentee voting continues in Wisconsin until November 2nd.

"I don't know what you guys are putting in the water here," Rubio said to the crowd. "Or maybe it's in the milk. But you've elected some great leaders."

He applauded the election of Scott Walker as governor and praised the vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan.

"He just brought a lot of energy to the ticket and he really rallied people around the country. And we saw what a great job he did in the debate against Joe Biden. So, we're excited about what he's brought to the ticket, and I think he's increased our chance of winning states like Wisconsin."

Rubio also told CBS 58's Laura Rodriguez that he is working with Governor Romney on a version of the "Dream Act" on immigration that Republicans could support.


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