Ronald Mcdonald House launches new online giving campaign


by Sachelle Saunders

This is home.

For now.

Ronald Mcdonald’s house is the only place the Sieber family had to stay while their son Joey battles cerebral palsy in the hospital. Joey’s father says things had taken a turn for the worse.

"At the point to where things got kind of scary I said we have to pack up, we're coming down,” Sieber said.

The emergency hospital trip from the Green Bay area to Milwaukee could have cost hundreds of dollars a day for food and hotel. At the charity house, the Sieber family has enough room and three meals a day for practically free..

"I met people here where their children was much worse than Joey, and Joey was bad enough, but there's always going to be somebody worse, and having that comfort from staff and other families is…you can't put a price on that," Sieber said.  

The Ronald Mcdonald House wants to continue that service to families with sick children, so they’ve launched a new online giving campaign with a twist. The charities Eastern Wisconsin Division CEO Ann Petrie calls it an “online shopping experience.            

"You can actually go and pick the items that you're interested in purchasing and then you pay for them and we receive those wish list items through the donation," Petrie said.

That’s right, donors get to choose. You can pick a blanket for the little ones, or gas for their shuttle van to get around. Those in the giving spirit can pick exactly where their cash will go on a wish list.

"It's a wonderful thing that you can do, and with your donations, you can help that family have this place of hope and rest,” Petrie said.

It may be just a small gift but it makes a big difference for the Sieber family, knowing they can rest and everything’s taken care of.               

To provide a gift from the Ronald Mcdonald House wish list, head here:


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