Beating victim pulls gun on suspects


by Becky Mortensen

WAUSAU---A road rage incident ended in a man pulling his weapon on two suspects that beat him up.

According to Wausau Police, Scott Van Patter was driving his vehicle in the left lane of STH 29 around 1:00 p.m. Tuesday. As he approached construction, Van Patten changed lanes. As he did so, a mini-van pulled up behind his vehicle at a high rate of speed and quickly passed him, cutting him off.

When Van Patten went to change lanes again, the mini-van rammed his vehicle.

Van Patten pulled his vehicle into the Mernard's parking lot at 2801 Stewart Ave. The driver of the mini-van followed and that's when the situation turned violent.

The male driver and a female passenger, later identifed as Nicholas Flanagan and Jessica Ratliff, got our of their vehicle and approached Van Patten.

The two suspects pulled Van Patten from his vehicle and began beating him and stabbing him in the stomach and legs with car keys.

As soon as Van Patten got a chance, he pulled his legal conceal carry weapon on the two suspects.

When police arrived they arrested Flanagan and Ratliff for Battery and Disorderly Conduct.


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