Ride inspections at WI State Fair

fair opens August 1st


by Michele McCormack

WEST ALLIS-Most of the rides for the Wisconsin State Fair arrived on the grounds Monday.

The task at hand to build them safely and make sure inspectors get a good look before they're up and running.

Three inspectors with a company out of Seattle, Washington are taking a look at the ride during each phase of set up.

State Inspectors will take another look as the fair draws near.

"We are second to the airline industry for moving passengers," Joe Bixler of International Leisure Consulting Inc. tells CBS 58's Tiffany Tarpley, "and we have a tremendous record. Consumer Products Safety one year said our hazard was placed between toasters and aquariums. So we're really low on the list. But when  anything happens with the amusement industry or airline industry we hit the front page."

The Stratosphere which stopped working a couple of times last year, leaving riders stuck in the air for about 20 minutes is not returning to the fair this year.

That's because the owner sold the ride to a company overseas.


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