Residents in Racine, Caledonia deal with tainted wells


by Matt Doyle

Caledonia --- For the past couple of years, the DNR has been trying to figure out how the trace element molybdenum has been finding its way into private wells in Southeast Wisconsin. 

The DNR studied it - but couldn't find any answers.

Barbara Hugier learned molybdenum was in her water and worried about her health.  She, along with others in the area, think it could be linked to the WE Energies plant near Lake Michigan or the Hunt's Landfill.

"Naturally everybody's going, they did it, they did it," Hugier said. 

The DNR study couldn't find a link between the plant or landfill and the contamination.

"What we can tell folks is that we are seeing levels of molybdenum that are above the state drinking water standard of 40 parts per million," DNR Southeast Regional Director Eric Nitschke said.

The DNR wants people in the area to test their own wells and share the data with them so they can keep studying the possible cause.


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