Wisconsin Republicans Make Final Push Before Election Day


by WDJT Editor

WAUWATOSA-- Republican volunteers hit the phone lines at a get out the vote event in Wauwatosa with Governor Scott Walker and Senator Ron Johnson Saturday.

The Republican Party of Wisconsin Chairman Brad Courtney believes efforts like these could put Gov. Romney and Rep. Ryan in the White House. He points out June's governor recall race.

"Because of the strong grassroots efforts all of our Republican and conservative friends the last weekend made we came out with a 6 point victory," says Chairman Courtney.

Republicans plan to carry that momentum to election day.

"We don't take to the streets and protest. We don't go and vandalize the capitol. We just quietly go to the voting booth and we make our voices heard very loud by just exercising that vote and that's whats going to happen on November 6th," says Senator Ron Johnson.

As for the president campaigning with big stars, the governor says, "Katie Perry is not going to get your son or daughter a job in four years, only Mitt Romney is going to do that."

Gov. Walker, Sen. Johnson and Chairman Courtney are also attending get out the vote events in Janesville, La Crosse and Hudson on Saturday.


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