NFL referee lockout is over


by WDJT Assignment Desk

MILWAUKEE—Less than 48 hours after a controversial call cost the Packers a win, the NFL and the referee’s union have reached a new deal.

That means the regular refs will be back on the field in time for the Packers next game against the Saints.

The talks between the league and officials resumed Wednesday morning following a 14 hour session that started Tuesday, the morning after that now infamous call in Seattle.

Pension and work requirements were said to be two major sticking points.

During his regularly scheduled press conference Wednesday, Coach Mike McCarthy said, "Anything that improves quality of play I am all for."

But the coach admitted he knew little more than what he had seen in the national reports.

"I have not followed it," he admitted of the reported negotiations.

Coach McCarthy said emotions were still high among players after a controversial call in Seattle that cost the Packers the game.

But he added, "Emotions are the engine that make things go. We are not victims. The game's not perfect. We're focusing on New Orleans."


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