Rep. Rivard loses support after rape easy comment


by Shari Dunn

WASHINGTON---The controversial comments were actually made ten months ago when Rivard was being interviewed by the Chetek Alert news paper about his concerns that teens who are close in age engaging in sexual conduct are ending up on the sex offender registry.

Rep. Rivard told the reporter that his father had given him a warning that, "some girls rape easy" because they might give in at first and then later change their minds or someone might change their minds for them.

On Thursday Governor Walker announced he is pulling his support from Rivard's re-election bid.

"The voters of the 75th assembly district will determine whether he has fully accounted for these indefensible comments," Walker said.

Paul Ryan followed by pulling his endorsement saying, "Congressman Ryan cannot support Mr. Rivard or his indefensible comments."

Rivard sent CBS 58 the following statement which said in part, "I regret very much that I repeated the words of my father. I know that rape is a horrible act of violence. It's important that awareness of this crime is taken very seriously."


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