Reaction to fatal go kart accident in the WI Dells


by Keith Meka

GREENFIELD - Officials at a local go kart operation can't imagine how a man lost his life in a Wisconsin Dells go karting accident. Officials say the man was rounding a curve on a track at Alligator Alley Wednesday when he hit a bumper that tipped the vehicle on its side.

The man hit his head on a wooden post and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Officials at Light Speed Go Cart and Laser Tag in Greenfield say their cars only travel between 22 and 25 miles an hour.

They have bumpers on the sides of the track as well as on the go karts. They say supervision is the best way to keep riders safe. At least two employees watch the track at all times. They also have remotes that control the carts if employees see any problems.



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