Ramirez-Chavez to serve four years in prison for robbery


by Chris Patterson

MILWAUKEE COUNTY -- A man accused of attacking runners in Cudahy and St. Francis was sentenced to four years in prison and four years extended supervision.

Fermin Ramirez-Chavez, 25, attacked women in September and he was arrested after someone called police about a suspicious looking person in a park.

According to the criminal complaint, Ramirez-Chavez admitted to the attacks and said he was looking to rob the women of their cell phones and iPods because he needed money for his family.

Ramirez-Chavez apologized to the women in court and said it was never his intention to cause them harm.

"It's just wrong... theres nothing else I can really say to you... how you came to this conclusion that this was appropriate in any way, shape or form is totally baffling to this court," said Judge Dennis Moroney before giving his sentence.


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