Racine house stealing electricity found to be drug house


by Chris Patterson

RACINE --  Racine police discovered a drug house after the residents in the home stole cable from a vacant house next to it. The owner of the vacant home called police, and police found several drugs including methamphetamine, xanax, hydrocodone, and GHB commonly known as the date rape drug.

According to a criminal complaint, property owner Robert Baran came to his vacant property and saw extension cords running from his home to the neighbors house. He called police who contacted the residents who confessed to police they broke into the vacant home and plugged in extension cords.

Based on suspicions a Racine police officer took a sample from the house's garbage. That sample tested positive for GHB, the date rape drug. 

Police executed a search warrant one week later, and found several baggies of methamphetamine. They also found  large containers with residue testing positive for methamphetamine. Officers also found 64 pills of amphetamine, dextroamphetamine, hydrocodone, and xanax. They also found 32 dropper bottles containing a clear substance that officers believe is GHB. Test results from the crime lab have not been turned in yet.


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