Racine Keeps Fire House Open

Residents Worried About Response Times


by Michele McCormack
by Keith Meka

RACINE-After a long debate Wednesday night about proposed cuts to the fire department budget, the council decided to use extra money from an I.T. budget and allocate that money to keep Fire Station 5 open.

The fire department had to find $232,000 in cuts.

A couple of weeks ago, the fire chief proposed laying off 3 full time firefighters, which would have forced the closing of station 5.

Opposition to the idea grew after a fire last week that killed three children.

"My son lives on the opposite side of the block and he recently recieved a a gunshot wound in which he walked to this station," Raymond Otwaska told CBS 58 News, "and they saved his life. He would have bled to death if it wasn't for this station."


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