Race for White House is a dead heat in Wisconsin


by Mike Strehlow

MILWAUKEE---The new Marquette Law School poll shows that the race for President in Wisconsin is now a dead heat.

The poll was conducted before Tuesday’s debate, but more than a week after the first faceoff.

The poll director belives that Romney’s strong showing in that October 3 debate is reflected in the new numbers.

The survey taken last Thursday through Saturday shows President Obama with 49 percent and Republican challenger Mitt Romney with 48 percent.

That’s the closest it's been since polling on the race began.

The poll director called it a "pure toss-up."

Two weeks ago the President held an 11 point lead, but then came the first debate in Denver.

67 million TV viewers saw Obama put in a lackluster performance that helped fuel a rise in opinion polls by Romney who had a strong showing.

In fact, among likely voters who watched the first debate, the MU poll has Romney with a 50 to 48 percent edge in the race for the White House.

But, among those who did not watch it, Obama leads by eight points.

Poll Director Charles Franklin said “rarely has a debate produced such a large movement in the polls.”

The final MU Presidential poll will take into consideration last night’s debate and the final match up.

The results will be released on October 31, just five days before the election.

The poll also shows that the race for U.S. Senate is also a dead heat, with former Governor Tommy Thompson at 46 percent and Rep. Tammy Baldwin at 45 percent.


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