Puppies discovered in "heat box"


by John Cuoco

FOND DU LAC- A litter of ten puppies was discovered Monday in deplorable conditions.

The six-week-old dogs were in a two-foot by three-foot crate, huddled together in their own feces.

The crate was in direct sunlight covered in a dark colored tarp.

"Basically, the puppies were in a heat box," Renee Webb, Fond Du Lac Human Society Shelter Manager, said.

A neighbor saw the dogs and alerted the humane society and with the help of police they were able to remove them from the property.

The puppies are suffering from a skin rash and intestinal parasite, but both are very curable.

The dogs are now property of the state while Fond Du Lac police investigate the case.

According to the Webb, police are looking to charge the owner when they can locate him or her.


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