Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Public meeting held for taxi permit cap
by Becky Mortensen

MILWAUKEE --- Alderman Bob Bauman has proposed the cap on the number of permits a taxi driver can get be lifted. A public meeting was held Friday where residents could weigh in on the issue.

The cap that limits the number of permits available to taxi drivers has been in place since 1991. Some cab drivers like it because they don't want any more competition on the roads. But, others would like the chance to start their own taxi businesses.

Bauman's proposal was discussed before the City's Transportation Review Board. Some residents proposed that it's not the quantity of cabs that matters but the quality of the service.

"I would venture to say that it's possible that what we want to try to do is to regulate performance and leave the market open," Milwaukee resident Phil Vincent said. "You can drive if you demonstrate knowledge of geography and demonstrate knowledge of good driving practices."

The proposal is expected to be up for a vote soon before the Common Council's Public Safety Committee.