Protestors march in downtown Milwaukee over "Fiscal Cliff"


by WDJT Editor

MILWAUKEE- Protestors marched in downtown Milwaukee Monday morning.

The group of 100 or so said they are concerned about threats of cuts to programs during debate in Congress over the so-called "fiscal cliff".

They started their protest outside of Senator Herb Kohl's office and made their way down Wisconsin Ave to Senator Ron Johnson's office.

They asked the Senators to stand up and tax the wealthy, while saving programs that help the poor and middle class.

Senator Kohl's response to the "Fiscal Cliff" protest:

"Compromise and shared responsibility are needed on both sides to work out these difficult issues, but Congress should act now on areas where we do agree – like preventing tax increases on the middle class and patching the Alternative Minimum Tax - in order to minimize uncertainty for middle class households and the business community."

Senator Johnson's response:

“It is far past time for Congress and the President to address our exploding national debt. Out of control government spending threatens the economic future of the middle class. I do not believe there is any federal program that should escape being reviewed for effectiveness and spending restraint.

“Doing nothing is the surest way to guarantee that the entitlement programs so many depend on will be bankrupt sooner rather than later. If we do not get serious about America’s fiscal challenges, it will be impossible to get the economy moving again and ensure that hard-working Americans do not see even more of their earnings consumed by taxes.”


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