Protestors Want Chief Flynn Fired


by Michele McCormack

MILWAUKEE --- A small but vocal group of residents gathered outside Police District 3 Friday night.

They held up signs detesting Chief Flynn.

Organizers say they were disappointed more had not shown up.

They're angry and emotional after the recent revelations involving robbery suspect Derek Williams.

The recently released squad car video shows the 22-year-old complaining of breathing problems.

He collapsed and later died at the scene. Attempts to resuscitate him failed.

Williams had run from police and had been in a struggle earlier that night.

The Medical Examiner originally determined sickle cell crisis was what led to the man's death.

Upon review of the report, the cause of death was later changed from natural to homicide.

Since the incident both police and the ME's office have revised their policies for situations like this.

Officers are now being instructed to call for medical help sooner and medical examiners need to have several people review reports in high profile cases, such as these.


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