Love Unleashed: Amazing Stories


by Chris Patterson

MILWAUKEE -- For most of us...we consider our pets to be one of the family. We would do anything for them at any price.

We had a chance to profile a few local families and their furry friends.  Everyone we spoke with view their pets as more than friends.  They are seen as family members, and there’s no limit in keeping them happy and healthy. 

One dog, a 7-year old lab retriever named Kailee, has quite a story to tell.  She literally ran into a stump.  It impaled her.  Four hours of surgery, several blood transfusions, and days of rehabilitation saved her life.  Lakeshore Veterinary Specialists has been a major player with Kailee’s recovery.  Lakeshore devotes itself to treating animals with the highest quality of advanced medicine through specialized care.  It also works as a partner to primary care veterinarians.  You can find more about its services, including a donor program, at 

Obviously, treatment and rehabilitation can be rather costly.  But people have financial assistance available to them.  One of the choices is pet insurance.  VPI Pet Insurance is one of the largest carriers in the country.  Go to for more.  CareCredit is another option. It works like a credit card with special interest rates.  The experts recommend talking to your vet to discuss the plan best for you.  But don’t wait too long since pre-existing conditions could affect your policy. 


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