Presidential Campaign Events in Milwaukee

Small Business Owners for Obama, Ann Romney at Marquette


by Michele McCormack

MILWAUKEE-Election Day is seven weeks away and in Milwaukee on Monday, the President's campaign is trying to push back on claims that Obama is bad for small business.

"The arrogance it takes in my mind to say, 'I built it' is frankly not what I aspire to be as a business leader," Kyle Weatherly, the Solaris Compnay owner, declared at a press conference with several local small business owners.

The group said President Obama's administration has cut taxes on small businesses several times.

For his part, GOP candidate Mitt Romney was in Los Angeles appearing at an event for hispanic owned businesses.

"I will put the federal government on a track to a balanced budget by eliminating programs that are not absolutely essential, " Romney promised.

His wife Ann will be at Marquette University on Thursday.

A flier asking participants to rsvp for tickets, says doors will open at the old gym on Clybourn at 9:30 a.m.

It's called a "GOP Rally" and underscores that the campaigns believe Wisconsin is a must win in November.


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