Prescription Drug Bust


MILWAUKEE – Nearly 24 people are charged tonight accused of dealing prescription drugs.
And you might be surprised to learn who and what were targeted.
One of the suspects is a pharmacy technician. Authorities say this case highlights the 'new face' of drug-related organized crime.
"This a great day for the good guys here in the Milwaukee," John Riley with the Drug Enforcement Administration.
That's because they've put a dent in the growing threat of prescription drug trafficking and abuse.
"More people die using prescription drugs than cocaine and heroin overdoses all together. It is a major, major issue," said Riley.
"There's a lot of people out there making money on drugs, and they don't all fit the profile that you might have in your mind of what a drug dealer is or looks like," said Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn
23 men and women ages 19 to 59 were arrested following a series of raids on 5 local businesses including a west side pharmacy where drug agents say a pharmacy tech filled fraudulent prescriptions. “In another investigation, DEA uncovered a scheme in which blank prescription pads were being stolen and fraudulently filled out, then taken to numerous pharmacies in the area to be filled prior to their illegal distribution on the street," said James Bohn with the Milwaukee office of the DEA.
In fact some of the suspects allegedly used their badger care benefits to buy painkillers like oxycodone for only a dollar.
“This is a true problem and I’m telling you right now, DEA is hitting it head on," said Riley
In fact officials say expect more stings, raids, and arrests in the future.


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