Wisconsin Doomsday Preppers


by John Cuoco

MILWAUKEE- It may surprise you, but there are people "prepping" across Southeastern Wisconsin.

Prepping is exactly what it sounds like, getting ready for the future.

While the definition is universal, there are degrees to which people are prepped.

There are those out there who think, for several reasons, the world may be facing significant change, and others who just want to be ready for something simple like a hurricane or bad snow storm.

CBS 58 found a handful of Milwaukee-based prepping groups online, along with YouTube clips, and actual preppers themselves.

"I've got two to three months of food," Bryan, a local Prepper, said.

In West Allis there is a prepping store called "The Bunker."

At the store they sell almost everything a prepper would need, including "Bug Out" bags or survival kits that can last somone three weeks or three years.

Many of the people CBS 58 contacted for the story were unwilling to go on camera. Some feared public ridicule, others wanted to protect what they've acquired for survival.


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