Potty Problem at Miller Park?


by WDJT Graphics


Opening day at Miller Park is not like any other day of the season.

"I'm bringing a 30lb prime rib and you know we're gonna throw it on the grill when we get there," said Mike Malzewski.

It's a party Malzewski and his friends never miss but from the tickets to the food its takes a lot of planning especially, says Malzewski, for the one thing he never goes there without.

"There's just not enough porta potty's at Miller Park," he says.

Malzewski says he learned the hard way that amidst the 40,000 fans its serious business taking care of your own business which is why for the last several years he's doubled down on BYOB, bring your own beer and a bathroom.

"If you don't you wait in line for like 45 minutes, its ridiculous!"

What Malzewski is calling ridiculous now for Opening Day is the new rule from the Brewers that fans have to leave their personal bathrooms at home.

In the planning for the day Malzewski rented his personal potty months ago for $160.

The new rule comes as the Brewers have given the contract for outdoor facilities to Waste Management and they don't want any outside jon's brought in.

Malzewski says if they don't allow him in with his potty in tow, things could get messy.

"I suppose if they tell me to turn around I'm never going to Opening Day at Miller Park again, unless they want to get more porta potty's."


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