Pothole problems


by Tiffany Tarpley

Southeast Wisconsin -- With the freeze and thaw we've experienced lately potholes are popping up through out the area.

"Lot of people coming in  because of bumps and they're hearing a lot of the clicking and clanking from the roads," explained Wisconsin Muffler Mechanic and Assistant Manager Mikkel Krause.

CBS 58 found an approximately four inch deep and foot and a half wide crater near 37th and Burnham in Milwaukee.  "I hit it yesterday," explained Motorist and Resident Thomas Eichstaedt.  "It's deteriorated since Saturday I mean it's gotten a lot bigger."

Crews have been working to patch the pothole problems but they will likely continue through the winter and into the spring.

Krause suggets safely avoiding them but if  you can't drive over the potholes do so slowly and cautiously.




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