UPDATE: GAB Issues Statement on Ballot Shortages

in Racine


by WDJT Assignment Desk
by Michele McCormack

RACINE---The Government Accountability Board is confirming that there were major ballot concerns in Racine Tuesday night.

The following statement was issued by Reid Magney, spokesperson for the GAB:

"Yes, City of Racine was close or running out in some locations. The city clerk and mayor are out delivering freshly printed ballots."

CBS 58 was the first to report the problems after receiving an email from the ACLU.

Karyn Rotker, Senior Staff Attorney of the the ACLU of Wisconsin Foundation tells CBS 58 News several voting stations may have run out of ballots.

"We recently learned that Racine City ran out of ballots at some polling sites hours ago. The sites are Humble, Mitchell, MLK, "Tyra Domer, Cesar Chavez ."

Rotker's email went on to say they are photocopying ballots and encourage voters who left, to return before 8:00 p.m. to cast their vote.

Elections workers on site say they requested extra ballots and received them in time.

But, some election observers say voters grew frustrated and left.

Calls to the city clerk in Racine have not been returned.

Voces De La Frontera confirms for CBS 58 that the Humble Community Center briefly ran out of ballots, but they quickly received more.


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