Problems at the Polls


by Michele McCormack
by Elizabeth Fay

MILWAUKEE---The only machine used for counting ballots at MLK Jr. Elementary School broke down Tuesday.

The chief inspector tells CBS 58's Elizabeth Fay that the machine would not count the ballots for about 30 minutes.

Voters became frustrated and volunteers had to call in a technician to fix the problem.

Thankfully, the machine was restored back to working order.

"It was overwhelming," election volunteer Susan Crape said. "It was too much to bear. Especially when there are a lot of people in one room at one time. You get excited, you get angry. That's to be expected because this election is important to me as it is to anyone else"

Election officials say every vote has been counted at this polling place. There have been no additional problems with the machine reported.

A broken machine wasn't the only mishap at the polling station Tuesday. While voters waited in the long lines, one woman fainted, another sprained her ankle.

In an interview with the Associated Press the Government Accountability Board reported no major problems.

Spokesman Reid Magney says there have been occasional voting equipment malfunctions, which are being addressed.

However, he says those are minor issues and things have gone relatively smoothly.

He says they are hearing of long lines in some places, but nothing extraordinary.

The Government Accountability Board has predicted nearly 70-percent of eligible voters will cast a ballot in Wisconsin.


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