Friday, October 24, 2014

Police release details of Former Sheboygan Mayor Bob Ryan OWI arrest
by Chris Patterson
by Matt Doyle

KIEL -- The Kiel Police Department released the police report from Former Sheboygan Mayor Bob Ryan's drunk driving arrest on March 3rd.

Late on March 3rd, a Kiel police officer says they saw Ryan's car swerve over the center line of traffic by approximately half the width of his vehicle. Once pulled over Ryan admitted to drinking, but wouldn't submit to sobriety tests.

Ryan was arrested and taken to Holy Family Memorial Medical Center, located in Manitowoc, for a blood draw. The report says while in the back seat of the squad car Ryan said, "I should've called Mayor Werdeo. He was there at the bar earlier. Probably would've solved the problem, but you can't call in favors all the time."

City of Kiel Mayor Robert Werdeo wasn't happy with the referencing, telling CBS 58 he barely knows Bob Ryan.

"I did not see him on Sunday," Werdeo said.  "I've only met him one time, briefly.  It was not a social level, it was on a professional level in Sheboygan in 2010.  The point of him mentioning my name angers me."

The report also states as the squad car reached Manitowoc's main street Ryan commented on all the "second rate stores, and closed down joints".

After his blood draw, Ryan was transported to Manitowoc County Jail. He allegedly said he wished he was arrested by the female Manitowoc officer, because she was "hot" and "smoking". Ryan told police he would commit a violation in Manitowoc just to be arrested by her.