Police Hunt for Shooter Who Killed Wauwatosa Police Officer


by Michele McCormack

WAUWATOSA---"A call had been put out by the dispatchers to send her to a call for service and she didn't respond."

That's what Lt. Gerald Witkowski says started a chain of events that brought great tragedy to the Wauwatosa Police Department on Christmas Eve.

When 30-year-old Officer Jennifer Lynn Sebena didn't respond to dispatch while on overnight patrol, a fellow officer went looking.
In under two hours, in the shadow of a fire house, the officer's body was found.

"Several shots fired at her," Lt. Witkowski explained. "She was struck several times and has passed away from those wounds."

Deputies and officers from other jurisdictions converged on the scene. With their guns drawn, they searched for hours.

The State Justice Department's criminal investigation unit is leading up the investigation.

So far, investigators are convinced that Officer Sebena was not on a call.

She had never radioed for help or to say she was checking out something or someone suspcious.

Lt. Witkowski, who's been speaking to the media, was also Sebena's field training officer.

He was there when she graduated and went on solo patrol.

Now he must recount her murder.

"A lot of heavy hearts, it's not a believable thing."


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