Police officer facing misconduct charges waives prelim


by Chris Patterson

GREENFIELD -- The Greenfield Police Officer Thomas Roszak appeared in court to face criminal charges of misconduct for allegedly harming a DUI suspect at the Greenfield Police Department.

Roszak waived his preliminary hearing meaning there will be no witness testimony in this case.

According to the criminal complaint, Amanda Luke was arrested for driving under the influence and fleeing on July 27th. The complaint says Greenfield Police Officer Thomas Roszak removed Luke from her holding cell for purposes related to the arrest and booking process.

The complaint says Luke demanded to make her phone call, and told Officer Roszak, "I f---ing hate you!" Officer Roszak picked up Luke by her torso, causing her feet to lift from the floor. He carried her to her holding cell and threw her in to the cell.

Luke's body hit a steel stool affixed to the floor of the cell. After throwing her back into her holding cell, the complaint says Officer Roszak called Luke a "F---ingB---" just before closing the cell door. Officer Roszak did not check Luke's condition. She suffered numerous bruises across her body.

Roszak is currently on paid administrative leave with the Greenfield Police Department.  If convicted, Roszak will face up to 3.5 years in prison.

Roszak is due back in court on October 24th.


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