Police chief who found Kayden Powell speaks out


by Chris Patterson

WEST BRANCH, IOWA -- For the first time since Kayden Powell was found we're hearing from the Iowa police chief who found that missing Wisconsin baby. He shares his story with us the day the woman accused of kidnapping the baby appeared in court.

31-year-old Kristen Smith is accused of kidnapping her nephew from her sister's home in Beloit. West Branch Police Chief Mike Horihan found Kayden in a tote bag outside a BP gas station in West Branch, Iowa.

Horihan said the BP station had been searched before, but the tote Kayden was in looked "different" to him. The container was covered in frost and the chief feared the worst.

"I was kind of thinking it was a coffin," said Horihan. "When I heard the cry it just totally surprised me. Totally remarkable. I can tell you I don't think I've ever been so surprised in my life."

Smith is facing child endangerment charges in Iowa for this incident. She is also facing federal charges of kidnapping. She appeared in court on February 14th for an extradition hearing for a warrant in Texas for fraud and tampering with government records.

Smith has yet to be taken into federal custody.



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