Police Surround Home in Search for Robbery Suspect

Racine Neighborhood On Lockdown for Hours


by Michele McCormack

RACINE-Police responded to the report of an armed robbery along the 1700 block of Center Street Monday afternoon.

Responding officers spotted a suspect a short time later in the 2000 block of Franklin.

The suspect, however, had other ideas and ran from the officers.

It was then that police decided to establish a perimeter around a home at 2004 Howe St.where they thought the suspect had gone to hide.

The Racine Police Department SWAT and Crisis Negotiation Teams were activated and responded to the scene.

At about 6:30 P.M,. 3 adult males surrendered. They were taken into custody and at last report were being held at the Racine Police Department.

There are no injuries reported.


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