Police called to Menomonee Falls High School for fight


by Michele McCormack

MENOMONEE FALLS---A fight broke out at Menomonee Falls High School during a lunch period Thursday afternoon. The fight involved four Menomonee Falls High School students and two people that did not attend the school. The pair was let in by another student at the school.

School officials and the on-campus police liaison broke up the fight. Still, police were called and six people were arrested.

The entrance of two non-students raised some questions about the security of the school.

"Here where you've had our security broke is very concerning to people given what has happened nationally and  even regionally," Principal Corey Golla told CBS 58's Matt Doyle. "There are severe consequences for this type of behavior. We're going to explore the full range of options that we have."

Golla says the two non-students were relatives of the student who let them in.

School officials are continuing to reevaluate the security measures at the school.


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