Plane incident at Mitchell Int'l


MILWAUKEE -- We're learning new information about an incident at Mitchell International Airport.

It turns out passengers may have been on board a flight when something went terribly wrong.

"After the plane came to a complete stop at the gate, we gathered all of our belongings. We felt a substantial jolt to the aircraft. We were kind of puzzled of what had happened," Bob Schroeder said.

Bob Schroeder was flying AirTran from Baltimore and connecting in Milwaukee when this happened, a hole in the wing caused by a catering truck that clipped the plane.

Schroeder says he contacted CBS 58 News after seeing the exclusive story on

He said he didn't know what happened until he saw emergency vehicles and was told by a flight attendant on his next flight of the mishap.

An airline spokeswoman says no passengers were on board at the time.

No one was hurt.


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