Pizza Man considering location to reopen


by Becky Mortensen

MILWAUKEE---Three years after the Pizza Man on the east side burned down Milwaukee’s iconic pizza restaurant has taken a first step toward re-opening.

Restaurant owner Mike Amidzich announced Thursday he has signed a letter of intent to lease property for a new Pizza Man.

“Taking this first step towards re-opening is a great 42nd birthday present for Pizza Man,” said Amidzich. “After three years of searching for the right investors and the right location, we are finally starting the process to re-open."

Amidzich will own and run the new Pizza Man with backing from a group of local investors.

The tentative new location will be less than a mile from the restaurant’s previous home on the corner of North and Oakland Avenues.

The original Pizza Man opened on Nov. 15, 1970 and eventually became an East Side landmark. It was destroyed by fire in January 2010 along with several other businesses and apartments in a massive blaze that caused an estimated $3 million in damage.

"We hope to become part of this neighborhood again," Amidzich said. "That said, there are many hurdles to overcome. We know we will need the support of a lot of people, including the city and neighborhood, to make this project a reality.”


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