Pesky Bugs Swarming All Around Us


by Michael Schlesinger

(Milwaukee)--Wasps, lady bugs, box elders, hornets. These are all unwelcomed guests in and around your home. You've probably noticed them, especially this time of year. They are on a mission, looking for food and light to energize themselves for the upcoming winter.

It's no surprise local pest control companies have been swamped treating homes, both inside and out. They advise getting a treatment done, once in the spring and the other in the fall. They recommend letting the experts handle this. Sometimes the "bug" droppings, especially with lady bugs and box elder bugs, can cause serious respiratory problems in young children. So if you're not careful, you could be causing more harm than good.

Josh Koenig with Safeway Pest Management of Muskego is booked for the next two and a half weeks, making house calls. Although this is a pesky problem not bothering him too much.


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