Paul Ryan in Racine


by Michele McCormack
by Sandra Torres

RACINE---Paul Ryan is telling supporters they have to fight the good fight in these final days of the campaign.

He made several stops Wednesday including one in Racine.

He urged people to vote early.

In person absentee voting continues in Wisconsin until November 2nd.

Milwaukee election officials say by mid-afternoon Wednesday approximately 24,000 people had voted early in Milwaukee.

That's on pace for record breaking numbers of people voting early in this election.

A total of 32,000 people voted early in 2008 and with about 4,000 people voting early every day, it's expected early voting numbers in this election will surpass that record.

Ryan tolds supporters that they shouldn't give up and should imagine what will be broadcast on television next week.

He says voters need to do everything they can to make sure TV screens show a win for his running mate, Mitt Romney.

The most recent Marquette poll issued Wednesday shows President Obama with an eight point lead in Wisconsin.


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