Pastor talks accident on Chicago's Kennedy Expressway


by Katie Hustad

MILWAUKEE -- Pastor Lezar Burnside was driving a church van with his wife and loved ones back to Milwaukee after a funeral in Chicago when a vehicle side swiped him on Chicago's Kennedy Expressway

The van was sent spinning and it slammed into a wall and stopped in the middle of the highway.

"We had windows explode, air bags explode. We had I think 14 people in the van, all of us were injured."

Pastor Lezar Burnside says the first responders arrived quickly and took passengers to different hospitals.

"I kind of felt that their lives were in my hands. I went into wonder if everybody was okay. If everybody was alive."

Thankfully everyone survived the crash, with minor injuries.

The pastor didn't even realize he was hurt until at the hospital.

Doctors told him he experienced heart trauma. He stayed at the hospital overnight but was released in the morning. He looks forward to returning to the church soon.

"I am going to take it slow in returning but I am going back and I am going to give him the best that I got. I feel we were so tremendously blessed."

A clergy member from Chicago is also offering the pastor a new church van.


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