Passengers On Board "Triumph" Cruise Ship Return to Milwaukee


by Elizabeth Fay

MILWAUKEE -- "It feels great to be back and know we are safe and sound and we don't have to worry anymore," says passenger Allison Raison of Milwaukee.

She and her mom Gene Albanese of Milwaukee and Aunt Karen Paddock of Hales Corners came off their flight from Houston and broke into tears when they saw their family.

They were on board the Carnival cruise ship "Triumph" that caught fire and left them without power or plumbing for days. "The conditions were hot, smelly, unbearable. People were throwing up because they were getting sick and they weren't cleaning it up," says Albanese.

Raison brought home a bath robe from the ship and one of the infamous red bags passengers used as toilets because the plumping was no longer working. She says she still enjoyed parts of the trip, "I kind of miss it a little bit because it started to be like a routine and everybody started to come together as a family. Everybody was really nice."

Click the video link above to see their emotional reunion with family and hear their account of the trip.


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