Parents outraged over school workers arrest


by WDJT Graphics

GREENFIELD WI -- It was supposed to be 30 minute informational meeting but it was interrupted early over what would be the timeline.

"As soon as I knew what was involved I shared the information with parents and staff," said Whitnall District Superintendent Lowell Holtz.

Holtz  attempted to answer questions he'd specifically  received in a flood of emails from district parents.

Last month, food service director for the schools James Heidke was arrested for trying to solicit sex online with a teenager,  by the time the District notified the public, over a week had passed. Parents expressed outrage they weren't told sooner.

Quinn Brunette, a member of school board has 2 children at Whitnall.

"They wanted to be accurate, it came up here several times the police called and told 'em that he was arrested, OK that's all you have to say."

Heidke was arrested in a sting after police say he exchanged several explicit text and emails and tried to meet for sex with who he thought was 15 year old boy but instead was an undercover detective.

According to the complaint, a search of his home uncovered a basement filled with sex toys a dog leash, collars, restraints and sex sling and a room with "men," written on the door.

The Superintendent said they waited to inform parents because the charges didn't involve district students and he didn't have the details, adding that Heidke had limited contact with students.

"He worked in the lunch room for 2 and 1/2 years, every kid was exposed to him, not to want to notify the public immediately the minute you hear something like this, I can't think of anything more important than notifying the parent," said Michael Clarizio.






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