Parents: infant death was not co-sleeping related


by Vanessa Murphy

MILWAUKEE --- While the Medical Examiner's Office said an infant's death appears to be co-sleeping related, the baby's parents insist that is not the case.

One month old Traven Williams, Jr. died early Tuesday morning at the family's North side home.

"I picked him up and he wasn't breathing," Tashuniqe Dennis, the infant's mother, told CBS 58.

Traven Williams, the father, said they called an ambulance, and then he tried to revive the baby.

"He was like purple, blueish, I don't know. I couldn't look at him no more so I'm doIng it like with my face turned the other way still pressing on him and breathing up in his mouth, my face turned the other way. I couldn't look at him no more, I didn't want to see that. That's my baby." Williams said. "I love him."

The parents told CBS that the father was sleeping on the floor, while the mother was watching television with the infant next to her on a bed. Dennis said she never fell asleep.

An autopsy was performed Tuesday. Stay tuned to CBS 58 for more information.


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