Controversy over mascots coming to Packers home opener


by WDJT Graphics

MILWAUKEE (WDJT)-- If you are headed to Lambeau Field this Sunday, you won't just see Clay Matthews going after Washington.  Members of the Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin, and other groups, will demonstrate against Washington's NFL team and its use of Indian nicknames and mascots.    

Barbara Munson, head of the Wisconsin Indian Mascot and Logo Task Force, is organizing the demonstration.  She says people will walk near Lambeau Field with signs, and will hand out information in the hopes of educating people about this issue. "We know, from the research, that exposure to Indian mascots and race-based stereotypes is harmful to native students," Munson said.

This demonstration is part of a growing national movement to pressure Washington's team and the NFL to change Indian based nicknames.  The Oneida Tribe of New York is running radio ads calling on commissioner Roger Goodell to "denounce the slur" and take a stand against Washington's nickname.  The NFL has said publicly that the nickname is meant to be used in a positive and respectful manner.  Munson disagrees.  She says the name is "reducing 565 federally recognized tribes into simplistic symbols."

Washington team owner Dan Snyder has repeated publicly that he will never change the team's name.  




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