Packer Fans Blame Replacement Refs


by Britni McDonald

WEST ALLIS-- Fans CBS58 talked to at a local diner agree that the refs just made the wrong call.

For many this goes beyond just last night's game, saying this call is just the worst in a series of bad ones made by the replacement referees.

"If they would have had the regular referees, they would have called a better game," said Judy Segerson.

"They're probably just not capable of doing this level of football," said Ed Hahn.

And Dennis Rebek said, "It was the wrong call because these are amateur referees, not professionals."

Some think the repercussions could be greater than the loss.

"The commissioner's got a problem I think," said Hahn. "There's gonna be a lot of pressure on the NFL to get it settled."

While some are going as far as boycotting the NFL altogether, others say the show must go on.

"Better luck next time," said Segerson.


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