Outpouring of Support for Retired MPS Teacher Recovering from Cancer


by Elizabeth Fay

MILWAUKEE - A retired Milwaukee teacher and coach receives help from the community he served for decades. Ralph Acevedo is recovering from Lymphoma and oral cancer and is facing mounting medical bills. His latest bout with cancer came shortly after retiring from Milwaukee Public Schools.

"His financial situation changed a lot during that time period," explained Rafael Acevedo Jr., Avecedo's son.

Acevedo Jr. says it became difficult for his father to not only pay his medical bills, but also pay to maintain his home. Acevedo's roof began leaking, so family and friends decided to take action.

"We said we got to do something, and we got to do something fast," said Harry Santiago, Acevedo's son-in-law.

Some of the athletes Acevedo used to coach, families whose children he used to teach, and his own relatives and friends rallied together to help lift the financial burden.

On Saturday, some of them installed a new roof free of charge, and Badger Roofing Supply Inc. donated the materials.
In May, hundreds of people opened their wallets at a bowling event for Acevedo. That night, they raised nearly $10,000.

 "They know my father. They know what he has done for this community. They are here to support him," said Acevedo Jr.

Acevedo's wife says the response from the community is making life less stressful. "It's a blessing," said Deya Acevedo.



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