Opening Statements in Fetal Abduction Trial Expected Today


by Britni McDonald

MILWAUKEE-- Jury selection will wrap up Tuesday morning before beginning opening statements.

There was controversy with the jury selection Monday when a few potential jurors admitted to watching television news in the courthouse, something most juries are told to avoid during a trial so they are not influenced in any way.

The defense claimed those jurors had now been "tainted." But the prosecution said many of them didn't see it, and if they did it was brief without any prejudice.

The judge denied a defense motion to seat a new panel and said jurors would be instructed only to consider evidence presented at trial.

Defendent Annette Morales Rodriguez was present during jury selection. She pleaded not guilty to the first degree murder of 23-year-old Maritza Ramirez Cruz and her unborn baby after allegedly attempting to steal it from her womb and pretend it was her own.


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