Officers in custody death also linked to strip search investigation

Court documents show officers allegedly present during body cavity search


by Mike Strehlow

Milwaukee ---Two Milwaukee Police Officers who were present the night Derek Williams died in the back of a squad car, are also named in a court document as being involved in a separate, ongoing investigation into illegal strip searches by Milwaukee police.

"Within approximately a month or so after the Derek Williams case, at least two of the officers that were involved in that situation, appear to have been involved in at least one of the body cavity search situations that may be part of the investigation that's ongoing by the District Attorney's Office right now," said Milwaukee Attorney Jonathan Safran.

Safran represents not only the Williams family, but several drug suspects who claim they were subjected to illegal strip searches by police officers.

Safran believes the two cases point to a "pattern and practice of civil rights violations" by police.

A police spokesperson did not respond to our request for a statement from Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn.


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