Officer injured while trying to take suspect into custody


by WDJT Assignment Desk

WEST ALLIS—A West Allis Police officer was injured while trying to take a suspect into custody.

Officers were responding to a call of a suspicious person around 3:30 a.m. outside of a residence near 105th St and Rogers St.

Upon arrival officers made contact with a 30-year-old male in the area.

While attempting to determine what the man was doing at the residence officers learned that he was wanted by the West Allis Police Department for a previous incident.

The subject was speaking in an unusual manner and appeared to have mental health issues or be under the influence of some sort of substance.

Officers attempted to handcuff the subject and take him into custody for the previous incident.

When handcuffs were being placed on the man he pulled away and punched an officer in the face.

The officer suffered a laceration and required stitches.

Several officers responded to the scene and the suspect continued to resist and stuck a lieutenant in the face with an elbow.

Officers used various techniques to control the man’s resistance.

He was ultimately restrained and taken to Aurora West Allis Hospital where he continued to resist and was combative with staff and officers.

The subject will be treated at Aurora West Allis and then transferred to the Milwaukee County Mental Health facility and ultimately to the Milwaukee County Criminal Justice facility.


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