Officer Jen Sebena laid to rest amongst friends


by WDJT Editor

BROOKFIELD---More than 1,000 civilians and officers gathered at Elmbrook Church in Brookfield Saturday to remember Officer Jen Sebena.

Through song, prayer and words of hope, people remembered the 30-year-old who was shot to death multiple times on Christmas Eve morning .Services were held at Elmbrook Church where Sebena touched many lives. All of those close to Jen and even strangers gathered at the church around 9:00 a.m. Those who spoke in her memory were emotional at times.

"As we are present here today remembering Jen, a piece of us is gone, one that can never be replaced," Officer Tracy Burbach said while fighting back tears. "She loved her Wauwatosa Police Department family and I know Jen would want us to continue moving forward by loving and supporting one another while staying strong."

Her co-workers say she was a strong, determined officer and although she only served two years on the force, she had shown great promise.

“As a police officer she knew her life was on the line and as she went about her job she knew that this was not her home, that earth was just a temporary residence,” explained Tom Keppeler of Elmbrook Church.

Governor Scott Walker attended the funeral. Walker has asked that flags across the state be flown at half staff in Sebena's memory.

Sebena’s casket was draped with an American Flag with her picture next to it.

One of Sebena's collegues said she served with honor and integrity and now she expects the same from them.

"Rest in peace our sister in blue," Officer Burbach said. "You have joined the ranks of heaven's angels. We have your watch from here."

Elmbrook Church is a place where Sebena put her heart and soul into helping people and many of those touched by her spoke fondly of her memory today.

"I love Jen a lot," Kristen Overstreet, a member of Elmbrook's Youth Ministry expressed of Sebena. "I am going to try to keep going with everything you helped me with and your love for people."

Sebena led a youth ministry group where she guided teenagers in prayer, consoled them and made sure they felt loved.

"She is the most loving person I have ever met, not exaggerating at all," Overstreet said.

Sebena's friend, Dustin Trampe says her caring personality led her to a career in law enforcement.

"She cared about keeping people safe and being able to protect people," Trampe said.

Though they lost a dear friend, the group Sebena influenced finds strength and faith in each other.

"We can't understand and I don't know if we ever will."

Sebena was buried at Wisconsin Memorial Park.

Sebena's husband, Ben Sebena is charged with her murder. For the first time the public heard from someone close to Ben Sebena's family, a friend spoke on their behalf at the funeral.

"We are deeply grieved at the unspeakable loss and pain this incident has brought to so many. We ask for continued privacy as we mourn our loss as well and as we hang on to the promise that there is no pit so deep that God's love is not deeper still."

Service men and women from three states came to the funeral to honor Sebena. One Color Guard Member says they came out of respect and duty.

Although many had heavy hearts, Saturday's funeral focused on Sebena's life, not her tragic death.


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