Off-duty MPD captain fires shots at armed teenager


by Chris Patterson

MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee police captain fired shots at armed teenagers allegedly planning to rob his wife just outside their residence near 60th and Capitol Dr.

According to police, Milwaukee Police Captain Eric Moore's wife arrived home around 12:11 a.m. She noticed suspicious men in a car parked in the alley parked near a neighbor's garage. She closed the garage door, and called her husband, Captain Moore.

Police say Captain Moore exited his home armed with his service weapon. While approaching his garage, Captain Moore saw an armed suspect outside of the car his wife saw. Captain Moore shouted "Milwaukee Police Department",and the armed suspect turned towards him. 

Captain Moore fired his weapon at the suspect. The suspects sped off in their vehicle. Police found the suspects inside their stolen vehicle near 51st and Burleigh. We're told the armed suspect is a 17-year-old male with a lengthy arrest record. No one was injured in this incident.



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