Obama and Walker approvals slip below 50 percent in Marquette Law School Poll


by Jesse Tovar

MILWAUKEE -- A new Marquette Law School Poll finds that job approval ratings for Governor Scott Walker and President Barack Obama have slipped below 50% in Wisconsin. 

Walker's job approval in July stands at 48%, with 46% disapproval. In May it was 51-45 and in March it was 50-44. Walker's approval has stood between 50 and 51 percent since the recall election in June 2012, falling below 50% in three of eleven polls including the latest one.

Obama's job approval in July is 47% with 46% disapproval. In May it was 50-45 and in March 48-45.

Despite their similar overall approval ratings, the public is strongly divided between the two: 34% approve of Obama and disapprove of Walker; 36% disapprove of Obama and approve of Walker. 11% approve of both while 9% disapprove of both. The remaining 10% lack an opinion about one or both.

Independent votes largely gave Obama a net negative evaluation of handling his job while giving Walker a net positive rating. On the other hand, "moderates" were more positive to Obama and negative to Walker.

Liberals and conservatives divided as expected with liberals backing Obama and conservatives backing Walker.

Regional differences also comes into play in this situation. Residents in the city of Milwaukee gave Obama a 71% approval rating, while the Madison population gave a 54% approval. Approval of Obama is lowest in the Milwaukee region outside the city, where 41% approve.

Walker's approval patterns are the opposite. His lowest numbers come from inside the city, with a 30% approval rating. Meanwhile outside the city he stands at a 52% approval.

Voters continue to see Wisconsin as lagging behind other states in job creation according to 48% of people. 21% if Republicans think the economy has improved over the past year, while 41% of Democrats think so. Among the Republicans who see improvement, 19% approve of Obama's handing of his job versus just 2% among those who think the economy is getting worse. Democrats who see improvement give the president a 95% approval, which drops to 80% among those who think it's worsening. Independents who see a better economy approve of Obama at 53% rate, while those who think it to be getting worse approve at a 36% rate.

The entire questionnaire, full results, and breakdowns by demographics group for this poll is available here


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